"PoPsie" was in heavy demand by many different publications that requested photos from the biggest television and movie events in New York City.  Everything from network TV specials to movie premieres, "PoPsie" photographed it all... And if you needed a passport photo, "PoPsie" did those as well.

    The photographs below are just a few of the popular images recently purchased or licensed for usage from my father’s archives... For photo sales or photo usage licensing agreements contact Michael Randolph at with photo requests or image names from the Photo Directory


Harry Belafonte



John F Kennedy with Benny Goodman



Murray the "K" Kaufman


The Smothers Brothers


Elizabeth Taylor with Michael Todd


Alan Freed with Salvador Dali


Irving Berlin with Al Jolson



WC Fields


The Honeymooners


Bobby Darin with Jackie Wilson






Mick Jagger with Phil Spector