NOTE:  This catalog was compiled at the time of "PoPsie's" death in 1978. Because of aggressive sales and research, new images of artists are discovered every week. The "PoPsie" archives includes the time period from the late 1930's to 1973. Contact us for photo availabilty.   

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ABC Records

Abbot, George

Abbott & Costello

Aberach, Jullian

Abnee, Don

Abramson, Herb

Aces, The Four

Acosta, Leo


Adams, Edie

Adderly, Cannonball

Aden, Nick

Adler, Henry

Adler, Lou

Ainsworth, Bill (member of Tommy Dorsey Band)

Alavello, Phil 

Alberghetti, Anna

Albert, Trigger

Albertine, Charles

Album, Manny

Aldrich, Ronnie

Alexander, Bob (trombone player with Jimmy Dorsey Band)

Alexander, Monte 

Alexander, Mousie

Alexander, Willard

Allard, Jo

Allen, Chris and Peter

Allen, Ernestine

Allen, Gene

Allen, Red

Allen, Shorty

Allen, Steve

Alpa, Robert

Alpert, Herb

Alverez, Chico

Ames Brothers

Amy Records

Anders, Vinnie

Anderson, Cat

Anderson, Eddie “Rochester”

Andre, Wayne

Andrew Sisters

Angel, Lee

Angier, Lee

Animal Talent Scouts

Animals, The

Anka, Paul

Anley, George

Anthony, Leo

Anthony, Ray

Antonucci, Al

Appleyard, Peter

Appollo Theatre

Archer Products

Archer, Jack

Archey, Jimmy

Arden, Toni

Argueso Bank

Arlen, Harold

Armen, Kay

Armstrong, Louis

Arnaz, Desi

Arner, Leonard

Arnold, Bob

Arnold, Buddy

Arnold, Harry

Arsenal, Richie

Arthur, Brooks

Arus, George

Ashby, Irving

Ashley Brothers

Ashtons, The Seven

Association, The

Atlantic Records

Atlas Charles

Auld, George


Austin, Bob

Austin, Ernie

Austin, Harold

Austin, John (Band)

Avalon, Frankie

Avant Garde

Ayers, Mitch

Aznavour, Charles


Babbit, Milton

Babs, Alice

Baby Jane

Bach, Bob

Bach, Selmer

Bacharach, Burt

Bachman, Siegfried

Badauc, Ray

Bailey, Buster

Bailey, Dave

Bailey, Joe

Bailey, Lee

Bailey, Mildred

Bailey, Pearl

Baira, Eugene

Baker, Artie

Baker, Bell

Baker, Bonnie

Baker, Ginger

Baker, Josephine

Baker, Laverne

Baker, Mickey

Bakey, David

Balkin, Sid

Ball, L.

Ballantine, Carl

Ballard, Sonja


Bang Records

Bank, Danny

Barcelona, Bart

Barclay, Nicole & Eddy

Barefield, Bud

Barefield, Eddie

Barefield, Eddie

Barero, Louis

Barker, Frank

Barker, Frank Jingles

Barksdale, Everett

Barlowe, Dean

Barnes, George

Barnett, Charlie (Band)

Baron, Blue

Barr, Fred

Barry Sister

Barry, Dave

Barry, Jeff

Bartolo Orchestra

Barton, Ellen

Barton, James

Bascomb, Dud

Basie, Count

Basin Street East

Bass, Key

Bassey, Shirley

Batel, Norman

Bauer, Bugs

Baur, BIlly

Baxter, Les

Baylos, Gene

Baze, Ralph

Beach Boys, The

Bear, Jr.

Beardslee, Bethany

Beatles  (Display)

Beatles in bank

Beats, The Easy

Beck, Bill

Becker, Mr.

Bee Gees

Bee, Molly

Beebe, Bill

Beecher, Joyce

Belafonte, Harry


Bell Records

Bell, Aaron

Bell, Vinnie

Belli, Remo

Bellson, Louie

Bellson, Louis

Belts, Harry

Benecke, Tex

Benjamin, Joe

Bennett, Lock & Hank

Bennett, Tony

Benton, Brook

Berg, George

Berg, Willie

Bergen, Polly

Berigan, Bunny

Berky, Bob

Berle, Milton

Berlin, Irving

Berman, Shelly


Bernhart, Milt

Bernie, Ben

Bernie, Mrs. B

Bernstein, Leonard

Berry, Chuck

Berry, Emmet

Bert, Eddie

Bert, Eddie

Best, Denzil

Betz, Stan

Big Seven Music

Biggs, Howard

Billings Frank


Bishop, Joey

Bitterend Singers

Biviano, Joe

Black Hawk Records

Black Ivory

Black, Joe

Black, Martin

Black, Otis

Black, Ted

Blackmer, Sidney

Blaine, Jerry

Blaine, Steve

Blair, Sally

Blake, Eubie

Blakely, Art

Blakely, Rubel

Bland, Bobby

Bland, Jack

Bley, Paul

Blind Faith

Blocht, Ray

Block, Martin

Block, Sandy

Blondell, Joan

Blowers, Johnny

Blue Bells, The:  (With Patti LaBella, Nana and Sara)

Blue, Ben

Bluebells, Pattie LaBelle

Blues, Mr.

Blyler, Archie

Blyler, Arthur

Bob & Ray

Bode, Frank

Bodner, Phil

Bogart, Joe

Bogart, Neail

Bolger, Ray

Bonbons, The

Bond, Jimmy

Bonimer, Ed

Bonnimie, Ed

Booker, Berle

Booker, Boyd

Boone, Pat

Booza, Marlo

Bop City

Bornstein, Bernie

Bostick Earl

Boswell, Connie

Botherford, Billy

Bothwell, Johnny

Bouono, Gus

Bowen, Jimmy

Bowman, Dave

Boyce, Tom (Boyce & Hart)

Boys in the Band

Brackman, Al

Bradley, Bill

Bradley, Johnny

Bradley, Will

Braff, Ruby

Braff, Ruby

Brandon, erry

Brandt, el

Brandywynne, Nat

Breedlove, Jimmy

Breese, Lou

Bregman, Jack

Breneman, Tom

Brenner, Paul

Brewer, Harry

Brewer, Theresa

Brice, Percy

Brief, Henry

Briggs, Bunny

Brill, Macque

Brill, Marty

Bristol Hotel

Broadway  53rd Street

Broderick & Arren

Brofman, Edgar


Brooklyn Bridge, The

Brookmeyer, Bob

Brooks, Ernie

Brooks, Randy


Brown, Andy

Brown, Bob

Brown, Charlie  MGM’s “You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown”

Brown, Dick

Brown, Julie

Brown, Lawrence

Brown, Les

Brown, Marshall

Brown, Marshall

(with PeeWee


Brown, Maxine

Brown, Molly

Brown, Nappy

Brown, Ray

Brown, Rhoda

Brown, Ruth

Brown, Stumpy

Brown, Ted

Brown, Vernon

Brown, Wally

Brown, Warren

Brown, Wini

Browne, Jackson

Brubeck, Dave

Bruno, Tony

Bryan, Mike

Bryant, Anita

Bryant, Willie

Buckley, Dick

Budd, Julie

Budger, Don

Budwig, Monty

Bunch, John

Bunch, John

Bunink, Nico

Burden, Eric

Burke, Johnny,

Burke, Vinny

Burnett, Carol

Burns, Burt

Burns, Ralph

Burns, Roy

Burns, Stan

Burrell, Kenny

Burton, Bill

Burton, Gary

Burton, Janet

Burv, Harry

Bushell, Bob

Bushkin, Joe

Butero, Sam

Butler, Artie

Butler, Billy

Butler, Champ

Butterfield, Billy

Buttons, Red

Byers, Billy

Byers, Billy

Byrd, Dick

Byrne, Bobby Orchestra


Cabot, Chuck

Cabot, Joe

Cabot, Tony

Cabot, Tony


Cadence Records

Cadillacs, The

Cahn, Sammy

Caine, Jackie

Caiola, Al

Caiza, Nick

Callela, Charles

Calloway, Cab

Camerata, Totti

Campanella, Roy

Campbell, Jimmy

Campbell, Jo Ann

Campbell, MIckey

Campo, Puppi

Cane, Marvin

Canfield, Gene

Carmichael, Hoagy

Ceaser, Irv

Cesar, Sid

Chase, Lincoln

Clarke, Peter

Clarton, Ike

Clayton, Buck

Clayton, Buck

Clayton, Miss

Clefftones, The

Clinton, Larry

Clionte, Sal

Clooney, Betty

Clooney, Rosemary

Clowney, David

Coaster, The

Coasters, The

Cobb, Arnett

Cochran, Wayne

Cocker, Joe

Cohen, Al

Cohen, George M.

Cohen, Harvey

Cohen, Marty

Cohen, Myron

Cohen, Porky

Cohen, Teddy

Cohen, Teddy

Coins, The Four

Coker, Henry

Coldtrain, John

Cole, Buddy

Cole, Clay

Cole, Cozy

Cole, Nat King

Colella, Tony

Collins Burt

Collins, Al

Collins, Al “Jazz Bow”

Collins, Dorothy

Collins, John

Collins, Judy

Collins, Shad

Colon, Frank

Colony Records

Columbia Records

Columbus, Chris

Como, Perry

Comstock Buddy

Comstock, Bobby


Condolli, Conti

Condon, Eddie

Condon, Eddie

Condos, Brothers (Steve and Nick)

Condos, Steve

Conniff, Ray

Connor, Chris

Conti, John

Contino, Dick

Cook, Barbara

Cook, Hal

Cook, Howard

Cook, Lawrence

Cooke Sam

Cooker, Henry (Coker)

Cookies, The

Cooley, Alice

Cooley, Ed

Cooper, Al

Cooper, Jackie

Cooper, Pat

Cooper, Ralph

Cooper, Sid


Corbes, Harry

Cornell, Don

Cortez, Dave (Baby)


Costa, Don

Costa, Eddie

Costa, Johnny

Costanze, Jack

Country Music Fair

Cousin Brucie

Covay, Don

Covington, Warren

Cowan, Harvey

Coward, Noel

Cowsills, The

Coyle, Sonny (Mr. and Mrs.)

Cozzo, Conrad


Craft, Marty

Crawford, Jimmy

Crawford, Joan

Cream, The


Clearwater Revival

Cresara, Ray

Crests, The

Crewcuts, The

Crewe, Bob

Cristopher, Jordan

Crocker, Fred

Crone, Les

Crosby, Bing

Crosby, Bob

Crosby, Dennis

Crosby, Lindsay

Crosby, Phil

Cross, Criss Band

Crow, Bill

Crystals, The

Cuba, Joe

Cugat, Xavier

Culpo, Johnny

Cumming, Lady Bird Stanley

Cumming, Monte

Cummings, Bernie

Curbello, Jose Orchestra

Curson, Ted

Curtis, Gail

Curtis, King

Cutin Orchestra

Cutshall, Cutty

Cuzzo, Al


D’Amico, Hank


Dahlgren, Chas.

Dailey, Dan

Dale, Allen


Dali, Salvador

Damone, Vic

Dandees, Jim

Daniels, Billy


Darin, Bobby

Dark Shadows

Darlingion, Cynthia

Dart Eddie

Daryll, Ted

Dauern, Kenny

David, Mark

Davie, Carl

Davies, Billy

Davis, Sammy (with Tito Rodgiguez)`

Dawn, Dolly

Day, Tracey

Dean, Jimmy

Dean, Vinny

Deausch, Irving

Decastro Sisters

Decca Records

Dee, Joey (and the Everyday People)

Dee, Johnny

Deems, Barrett

Deems, Mickey

Deep River Boys

DeFranco, Buddy

Dela Luna, Ed

Delco, Buddy

Delta Rhythm Boys

DeLuna Orchestra

Demann, Fred

Demarcos, Five

Demerle, Les

Demerle, Les

Dempsey, Jack

Denham, Kathleen

Dennis, Matt

Dennis, Willie

Deon, Eddie

Deparis, Sidney

Deparis, Wilbur

DeRose, John

DeRose, May

DeRose, Peter

Desmond, Johnny

Desmond, Paul

Desseh, Louise

Devens, George

DeVito, Harry

DeVito, Tom

Devol, Frank

Devotions, The


Dia, Dick

Dia, Dick

Diamond, Joel

Diamond, Neil

Dibiase, Neil

Dickerson, Vic

Dickerson, Walt

Dickinson, Angie

Diddley, Bo

Dierly, Wally

DiMaggio, Joe

Dino, Desi and billy

DiOrio, Joe

Disney, Walt (Displays)

Distell, Sascha

DiVito, Tom

Dixieland Dukes

Dixon, Helen

Dixon, Jean

Dixon, Joe

Dixon, Julius

Dixon, Luther

Dodds, Malcolm

Dog, Bonzo Band

Dolinger, Budd

Dominires, Arne


Donahue, Sam

Donaldson, Bobby

Donner, Ral


Dorn, Jerry

Dorome, Pete

Dorsey Brothers

Dorsey, Jimmy

Dorsey, Tommy

Doubian, Dorothy

Dove, Ronnie

Doveny, Morton

Dowell, Jim

Drake, Alfred

Drake, Allan

Drake, Allan

Drakes, Jessie

Drautsh, Emery


Drears, Al


Drifters, The

Dronge, Al

Drootin, Buzzy

Duchin, Peter

Duke, Patty

Dukes, Billy

Duncan, Hank

Dungan, Bullets

Dunham, Sonny




DuPrees, The

Durante, Jimmy

Durgen, Dullets

Durham, Kenny


Eager, Allen

Earls, The

Earls, The

Eberle, Bob

Eberle, Ray

Eckstein, Billy

Eddy, Duane

Edison, Harry

Edwards, Jack Orchestra

Edwards, Locke

Edwards, Tommy

Edwards, Vince

Ekstrand, Roy

Eldridge, Roy


Elephants Memory, The

Elgart, Larry

Elgart, Les Band

Ellington, Duke

Ellington, Duke

Elliott, Don

Ellis, Don

Ellis, Herb

Ellis, Ray

Ellis, Roy

Ellis, Shirley (with Lincoln Chase) “Direction”

Ellsworth, Ziggy


Emmet, Jay

Engel, Lehman

England, King & Queen

Enoch, Light Orchestra

Enrique, Lou

Entremonth, Phillip

Erdman, Edye

Erickson, Rolf

Ernie, Vale



Escudero, Mario

Esmond, Mr.

Esposito, Lenny

Esther, Lil (Little Esther)

Estrin, Harvey

Eva (Little)

Evans, 4

Evans, Bill

Evans, Jackie R.

Evans, Lee

Everly Brothers

Everly, Phil

Every Mothers Son

Exiles, The

Eye-Full Tower

Faberman, Harold


Fagerquist, Don

Faiella, Phil

Fain, Sammy

Fairbanks, Douglas

Faith, Percy

Falk, Peter

Famous Door

Farlou, Tal

Farlow, Tal

Farmer, Art

Farmer, Art

Farmer, Willie

Farnsworth, Red

Farrell, Wes

Farward, Nt

Faso, Tony

Fay, Jack

Feather, L.

Feather, Seaward

Featherstone, Jimmy

Feld, Morey

Feldman, Vic

Feley, Norman

Feller, Side

Fellman, Ziggy

Felton, Happy

Ferguson, Maynard

Ferrante & Teicher

Ferrer, Jose

Fich, Mickey

Fields, Dorothy

Fields, Herbie

Fields, Irving

Fields, Jerry

Fields, Shep

Fiest, Leo

Fiet, Max

Fiffe, Eddie

Fifth Dimension

Fila, Alec

Fina, Jack

Finegold, Jay

Fink Herman

Finnegan, Bill

First Edition

Fisher, Carl

Fisher, Eddie

Fishkin, Arnold

Fiske, Charlie Orch

Fitzgerald, Ella

Fitzgerald, Ella

Fitzpatrick, Bob

Flack, Roberta

Flanagan, Ralph

Fleming, Herb

Fletcher, Darrow

Flood, Mr.

Flores, ???

Folkes, Charly

Fonda, Henry

Fontaine Sisters

Fontaine, Eddie

Fontaine, Frank

Fontana, Carl

Fontano, J.

Fontine, Larry

Forchetti, Vince

Ford, Art

Ford, Billy

Ford, D.D.

Ford, Mary

Ford, Mary & Les Paul

Ford, Tennessee Ernie

Forrest, Helen

Forrest, Jimmy

Foster, Frank

Foster, Stuart

Four Lads

Fox, Billy

Francis, Connie

Francis, Mr.

Francis, Panama

Frangos, Jimmy (Francis)

Franklin, Aretha

Franklin, Aretha

Franklin, Buddy

Franklin, Joe

Frazier, Joe

Frazzer, Ray

Fredericka, Queen of Greece

Free, Ronnie

Free, Stan

Freed, Allen

Freed, Milton

Freed, Robert

Freeman, Archie

Freeman, Bobby

Freeman, Bud

Freeman, Irv

Freeman, Russ

Freeman, Russ

Friley, Vernon

Frimmell, Rudolph

Frohman, Jane

Fromme, Milton

Frosk, Johnny

Fuller, Gil

Funt, Allen


Gabler, Milt

Gabor, Zsa Zsa

Gailard, Slim

Gailbrath, Barry

Gaines, George

Gale, Mol

Gale, Sunny




Gals, Jugg


Gambling Shots


Garcia, Louis King


Garcia, Louis King


Gardner, Don


Gardner, Ed


Gardner, Hy


Gardner, Vernon


Gari, Toni Orchestra


Garland, Judy


Garland, Red


Garnder, Errol


Garrett, Betty


Garri, Tony


Garrisoin Jimmy


Garroway, Dave


Garroway, Dave


Garson, Greer


Garton, Lloyd


Gatica, Lucio


Gaudio, Bob


Gaye, Marvin


Gaye, Marvin


Gayle, Sunny


Gayles, Jackie

& Dee


GBetz, Stan


Gentry Bobbie


George, Don


Gersh, Dick


Gershen, Fred


Getz, Stan


Ghan, Tampa


Gibbs, Georgia


Gibbs, Jane


Gibbs, Terry


Gibson, Bob


Gilbert, Wolfie


Gilberto, Ast


Gilberto, Don


Gilberto, Joio


Giles, Terry


Gillespie, Dizzie


Gillespie, Dizzy


Gillette, Lee




Gingold, Hermoine


Gleason, Jackie


Glenn, Tyler


Glenn, Tyree


Glow, Bernie


Goddard, Paulette


Goddard, Paulette


Godfrey, Arthur


Goffin, Jerry


Gogs, The


Golason, Neal


Gold, Kermit


Gold, mervin


Gold, Sandord


Gold, Sanford


Goldberg, Charles


Goldenberg, Moe


Goldie, Don


Goldman Band


Goldmark, Goldy


Goldsboro, Bobby


Golson, Benny


Gonzales, Babs


Gonzales, Babs


Good & Plenty


Goodman, Benny


Goodman, Benny


Goodman, Gene


Goodstein, Oscar


Goodtimes, the


Goody, Sam


Gordon, Dexter


Gordon, Louie


Gordon, Trash


Gordy, Berry


Gore, Leslie


Gorme, Edye


Gortikou, Stanley


Gould, Morton


Goulet, Robert


Grable, Betty


Grady, Eddie


Graf, Buddy


Graffe, Ferde


Graham, Bill


Graham, Bill and Band


Graham, Sheila


Grammy Awards


Granattan, Jerry


Grand Funk Railroad


Grannoff, Bud


Grant, Cary


Granz, Norman,


Grassy, Johnny


Graves, Bill


Grawer, Izzy


Gray, Al


Gray, Arthur


Gray, Glen


Gray, Jerry


Gray, Lew


Greco, Buddy


Greco, Buddy


Greco, Jose


Green, Benny


Green, Buddy Trio


Green, Freddy


Green, Irving


Green, Jackie


Green, Larry


Green, Shecky


Green, Urbie


Green, Urby


Greene, Al


Greenfield, Howard


Greenfield, Howard


Greengrass, Ken


Greenhart, Leo


Greenpon, Bud


Greensboro, Bobby


Greensfield, Manny


Greenwich, Ellie


Grief, George


Griffin, Andy


Griffin, Chris


Griffin, Johnny


Griffin, Merv


Griffin, Paul


Grimes, Tammy


Grimes, Tiny


Grisson, Jimmy


Groffe, Ferde


Grupp, Marty


Gryce, Gigi


Guaraldi, Vince


Guarnieri, Johnny


Gubin, Sol


Guest, George


Guiffre, Jimmy


Guild Guitars


Guillemet, Eustise


Guillin, Lars


Guion, King


Gunther, Shirley


Gurcio, Joe


Gustafson, Gus


Gwinn, Tommy


Haber, Burt


Hackett, Bobby


Hafer, Dick


Hafer, Don


Haggard, Bobby


Haige, Al


Haines, Roy


Hale, Peggy


Haley, Bill & The Comets


Hall, Al


Hall, Benjamin T.


Hall, Jim


Hall, Ray


Hall, Solomon (Jr.)


Hall, Solomon, with Sam the Man


Hallet, Mal


Halpern, Mickey


Hambro, Lenny


Hames, Connie


Hamilton, Chico


Hamilton, George


Hamilton, Ray




Hammer, G.


Hammond, John


Hampton, Lionel


Handwerger, Sal


Handwyer, Sol


Handy, Flo


Handy, George


Handy, W.C.


Hanlon, Alan


Hanna, Ken


Hanna, Mack


Hanna, Roland


Hansen Publishing


Hanson, Jimmie


Harbach, Bill


Harbach, Otto


Hardaway, Bob


Hardiman, Averil




Harper, Frank




Harrdiman, Maestro


Harris, Bill


Harris, Bill, featured with B. Goodman Band


Harris, Eddie (& Group)


Harris, Joe


Harris, June


Harris, Ken


Harris, Sam


Harris, Tasso


Harrison, Rex


Hartman, J.


Harvest Moon Ballroom Dancers


Harvey, Dud


Harvey, Lawrence


Haskel, Jack


Hasselgard, Stan


Hassin, Charles




Hawk, Marshal


Hawkins, Coleman


Hawkins, Erskin


Hawn, Goldie


Hayes, Clancy


Hayes, Ernice


Hayes, Gabby


Hayes, Peter Linde


Haymes, Dick


Haynes, Bob


Haynes, Ray


Hazelett, Chester


Headwater, Joe


Healy, Mary


Heath, Jack


Heath, Percy


Heatherton, Joey


Heavy, Ernie


Hefti, Neal


Hefti, Neil, with Francis Wayne


Heidt, Horace


Heller, Eddie


Heller’s (Trudy)


Henderson, Fletcher


Henderson, Skitch


Hendrickson, John


Hendrix, Jimmy


Henry, Pat


Herbert, Mort


Herlihy, Ed


Herman and The Hermits


Herman, Milton


Herman, Woody


Hershamn, Musical

Hershman, ed

Hess, Peter

Heywood, Eddie

Hibbler, Al

Hibler, Al

Hicky, Ursal

High Button Shoes

Hiliard, Jimmy

Hill, Chippy

Hill, Davis

Hilliard, Harriet


Hines, Chick

Hines, Earl “Fatha”

Hinton, Milton

Hipp, Jutta

Hirt, Al

Hissler, Mert

Hitchcock, Alfred

Hitler, Adolph

Ho, Don

Hodges, Johnny

Hoffman, Al

Hogaki, Paul

Holiday, Billie

Holliday, Betty

Holliday, John

HOlman, Sam

Holmes, Alan

Holmes, Cecil

Holmes, Celeste

Holmes, Leroy

Hook, Jack

Hoover, Herbert

Hope, Bob

Hopkin, Mary

Hopkins, Claude

Hopkins, Ken  Capitol Records

Hopkins, Miriam

Horation Band

Horne, Lena

Horowitz, Dick

Horowitz, Irv

Houston, Bob

Houston, Joe

Houton, Milt

Howard, Eddie

Howard, Joe

Hubbard, Freddy

Hucko, Michael Peanuts

Hudson, Dean Orchestra

Hudson, Rock

Hugo & Luigi

Hugo & Luigi

Hull, Warren


Humperdink, Englebert

Hunter, Ivory Joe

Hunter, Ross

Hunter, Tab

Huntley, chet

Hurricanes, Johnny and the

Husters, The

Hutslers, The

Hutton, Betty

Hutton, June

Hutton, Marion

Hyland, Brian

Hyland, Bryan

Hyman, Dick


Igor, Sonny

IMIC Convention


Ingmann, Jorgen

Ink Spots

Ireland, John

Irvin, Monte

Iselly Brothers


Jatp, Viking

Jay and The Americans

Jaye Sisters

Jean & Jim

Jefferson, Ed

Jeffreys Fran

Jeffries, Ann

Jenkins, Gorden Orchestra

Jennings, Bill

Jensen, Dick

Jerome, Bill & Steve

Jerome, Henry Orchestra

Jessel, George

Jhrmansky, Al


Jim & Andy


Jive Five

Jive, Dr.

Jodan, Taft

Johansen, Ingamar

Johnson, Betty

Johnson, Buddy

Johnson, Buddy & Orchestra

Johnson, George

Johnson, Gus

Johnson, J.J.

Johnson, Jimmy

Johnson, Keg

Johnson, L.B. President

Johnson, Ossie

Johnson, Ossie

Johnston, Johnny

Johnston, Tommy

Jolson, Al

Jones or John, Little Willie

Jones, Dick

Jones, Dill

Jones, Ed

Jones, Elvin

Jones, Hank

Jones, Herbie

Jones, Jack

Jones, Jimmy

Jones, Jo

Jones, Joe “Phila.”

Jones, Jonah

Jones, Paul

Jones, Quincy

Jones, Renaldo

Jones, Rufus

Jones, Sam

Jones, Samantha

Jones, Spike

Jones, Tad

Jones, Tommy

Jordan, Louis

Jordan, Louis

Jordan, Steve

Joseph, Marge

Josie, Marva

Joyce, May “Jolly”

Jubilee Records

Jurgans, Dick

Justis, Bill


K, Murray The


Kahl, Wes and Phil

Kahn, Tiny

Kallelo, Kitty

Kaltranborne, H.V.

Kama Sutra

Kameron, Pete

Kaminsky, Marie

Kaminsky, Max

Kampert, Burt

Kaplan, Arctic

Kapp, Al

Kapp, Dave

Kara, Peter

Karle, Milton

Kass, Art

Katz, Abe

Katz, Dick

Katzel, Bud

Kaufman Stan

Kaufman, Marty

Kaufman, Murry

Kay, Lenny & Band

Kay, Stubby

Kaye, Danny

Kaye, Sammy

Kaye, Tommy

Kazan, Lanie

Kazbier, Nate

Kean, Betty

Kechy, Chick

Kelin Twins


Keller, Charles

Keller, Jack

Kelly, Emmet Jr.

Kelly, Emmett

Kelly, Jack

Kelly, Monte

Kelly, Paula

Kelly, Red

Kelly, Wyton

Kelly’s Window

Kennedy, Bob

Kennedy, Charlie

Kennedy, Jay

Kennedy, Kevin

Kennedy, Nat

Kennedy, Robert F.

Kenny’s Pub

Kenton, Stan

Kerr, Bob

Kessel, Barney

Keys, (Kemp) Hal

Keys, Bert

Keys, The 5

Keys, Troyce

Killgallen, Dorothy

Kincaide, Dean


King, Allan

King, Ben E.

King, Carol

King, Carole

King, Jerry

King, John Reed

King, Martin Luther

King, Teddi (Miss)

Kingmen, The

Kingston Trio, The

Kinks, The

Kirby, George

Kirshner, Don

Kisley, Stephen

Kitchener, Lord

Kitt, Eartha

Klein, Allan

Klein, Dave

Klein, Gary

Klein, Marty

Kleinerman, Mr

Klink, Al


Knight, Terry

Knights, The Four

Knodingham, Jimmy

Knox, Buddy

Kogan, Maurice “Hawkeye”

Kollman, Richard

Kolsky, Joe

Kolsky, Phil

Konitz, Lee

Konnege, Hugo & Lasrry

Koppal, M. Charles

Koppelman, Charles

Kornfeld, Artie

Kostar, Irwin

Kovach, Mora


Kramer, Billy J

Kramer, Mr.

Krause, Phil

Krell, Jackie & Roy

Kress, Carl

Kressa, Helmy

Kristofferson, Kris

Krupa, Gene

Kuhn, Ralph

Kurbello, Jose

Kurtz, Norman


Ladds, Four

LaGuardia Airport

LaGuardia, Mrs.

Lalupe, Mr.

Lamb, Gil

Lambert, Dave

Lambert, Irvin


Lamond, Don

Lan Brothers

Landon, Herb

Landon, Michael

Lane, Abby

Lane, Frankie

Lansbury, Angela

Lanson, Snooky

LaPorta, Johnny

Larkin, Ellis

LaRosa, Julius

Larton, Johnny

Lasella, Richie

Lathrop, Jack

Lavelle, Herbie

Lavelle, Paul

Lawrence of Arabia

Lawrence, Baby

Lawrence, Elliot Band

Lawrence, Steve

Lawson, Yank

Lazar, Jack

Lebish, Lou

Lee, Brenda

Lee, George

Lee, Jack

Lee, John

Lee, Peggy

Leeberg, J.

Leeman, Cliff

Leesberg, Jack

Lefkowitz, Louis

Leggio, Carmine

Leighton, Skip

Leipzig, J.

Leonard, Harvey

Leonard, Herman

Lerner, Alan Jay

Leroy, Hal

Lerplon, Norma

Leskin, Paul

Leslie, Edgar

Leslie, Sy

Lester, Buddy

Lester, Jerry

Lester, Johnny

Lester, Sonny

Lettermen, The

Levine, Eddie

Levine, Henry “Hot Lips”

Levine, Mr. (Conductor)

Levinsky, Kermit

Levinsky, Walt

Levittan, Cy

Levy, Lou

Levy, Morris

Levy, Mr.

Lewis, C.

Lewis, Jack

Lewis, Jerry

Lewis, Walt

Lexington, Archie

Libby, Al & Betty


Lieb, Dick

Light, Enoch


Lin, Harry

Linden, Kathy

Lindsay, Mayor

Linke, Dick

Lippman, Helen

Lisella, Ritchie

Liston, Mella

Little Anthony

Little Stars

Livingston, allan

Lloyd, Charles

Locke, Eddie

Lockwood, Sir Joseph

Leonard, Jackie

Logen, Ella

Lombardi, Clyde

Lombardo, Guy

Lombardo, Lebert


London, Julie

Long, Joe

Long, Johnny

Loops, Chicago

Lopez, George

Lopez, Pepito

Lopez, Perry

Lopez, Stella

Lopez, Trini

Lopez, Vin

Lopez, Vincent

Lothar & Hand People

Lou, Sarah

Louise, Tina

Love, Darlene

Love, Jerry

Lovin’ Spoonful

Lowe, MUndell

Lowell, Buddy

Lucht, Don

Lucian, John

Lucky Strike


Lunchkerly, Jimmy

Lund, Art

Lundy, Patty

Lungsford, Jimmy

Lupinto, Frank

Lutcher, Nellie

Luther, Frank

Lyle, Thad

Lyman, Abe

Lyman, Jack

Lymon, Frank

Lyn, Dianna

Lynde, Paul

Lynn, Gloria

Lyons, Frank

Lyons, Jimmy


M,  Josie


Mabley, Moms (Jackie)

MacCrea, Gordon


Mack, Bob

Mackianon, Rawn

MacRae, Gordon


Mad Magazine

Madigan, Betty

Maestro, John

Magnificent Seven, The

Magyar, Art

Mahegan, Johnny

Mahoney, Jerry

Main Attraction, The

Mainione, Joe

Mains, frank

Maitland, John

Makeeba, Marion

Makenzie, Gissell

Maksymowich, Theodore

Mala, Amy

Malan, Barney

Malina, Loba

Malneck, Matty

Maltby, Dick (Richard)

Maltby, Richard

Man at Roulette Table

Mancini, Frank

Mandell, Mel

Manfred Mann

Manhattan Singers

Manis, Dick

Mann, Barry

Mann, Bernie

Mann, Herbie

Mann, Howie

Mann, Peggy

Mann, Peter

Manna, Charley

Manne, Sally

Manners, Artie

Manning, Bob

Manning, Dick



Marcells, The

March, Myrna

Marchano, Sal

Marcum, Johnny

Mardin, Arrif

Margolis, Charles

Mariani, Charles

Maridgan, Art


Marino, Charles

Marino, Lou

Mark, E.B.

Marks, E.B.

Marks, Johnny

Marlowe, George

Marquett, Peewee

Marrinville, Rabbit

Marsh, Arno

Marsh, Warne

Marshall, Jerry

Marshall, Joe

Marshall, Wendel

Marshall, Wendell

Martell, Paul Band

Marterie, Ralph & Orchestra

Martin, Al

Martin, Dean

Martin, Dean & Lewis, Jerry

Martin, Freddie

Martin, Freddy & Band

Martin, Kelly

Martin, Steve

Martin, Tony

Martin, Trade

Martin, Vince

Martin, William

Martino, Al

Marvelettes, The

Marx Brothers

Mason, Jackie

Master, Will

Mastic, Frank and Rose

Mastren, Carmen

Mathis, Bob

Mathis, Johnny

Matola, Tony

Matow, Murray

Matted, Billy

Maughn, Somerset (Mrs)

Maurice, Peter

Mauro, Ernie

Mauro, George

Mavin, Arnold

Maxim, Chuck

Maxim. A.

Maxwell, Elsa

Maxwell, Jim

Maxwell, Larry

Maxwell, Larry

May, Billy

Mayer, Harry

Mayo, Mary

Mays, Nancy-Richard

Mays, Zilla


McAyalyou, Hal

McCain, Mr.

McCall, Ivan

McCall, Mary Ann

McCallum, David


McCarthy, Casey & Joe

McClarity, Alice

McCoy, Bob

McCoy, Clyde

McCoy, Freddie

McCoys, The


McCrea, Carmen & Nesbui

McCrea, Teddy

    (Mr. Bear)

McDuff, & Mr. Nesuhi Ertugo

McGarity, Lou

McGee, Howard

McGuire Sister

McHugh, Jim

McIntyre, Hal

McIntyre, Lani

McKay, Johnny

McKayne, Ed

McKenna, Dave

McKenzie, Ed

McKenzie, William

McKinely, Ray

McMahon, Ed

McNair, Barbara

McPartland, Jim

McPartland, Marian

McPlatter, Clyde

McRae, David

McRae, Teddy


Meader, Vaughn

Meadows, Audrey

Meaver, Vaughn

Medford, Kay

Meehan, Danny

Meggs, Brown


Meldonian, Dick

Mellis, Jose

Mellon, Bobby

Melton, James

Mendelson, Fred

Mendez, Sergio

Mercer, Johnny

Mercer, Tony

Mercury Record Party

Merion, Leon

Merion, Leon and Orchestra

Merman, Ethel

Merrill, Bob

Messhersmith, The Car

Messner, Eddi

Metcalf, Louis



Middleton, Ray

Middleton, Tony

Middleton, Vilma

Midnighters, The

Mieler, Andy

Miller, Bernie

Miller, Bob

Miller, Ed

Miller, Glenn

Miller, Mitch

Miller, Steve

Millinder, Lucky

Mills Brothers

Mills, Jackie

Mills, Lincoln

Mills, Sich & Joch

Mims, Garrett

Mingus, Charles

Minnelli, Liza

Minovich, Bora

Minstrells, The New Christy

Mione, Gia

Miracles, The


Mitchell Chad Trio

Mitchell, Chad

Mitchell, Freddie

Mitchell, Guy Co.

Mitchell, Joni

Mitchell, Red

Mitchell, Willy

Mitchum, Bob

Mitchum, Jim

Mitchum, Jimmy

Mizra, Hy

Mobley, Hank

Modern Records


Mole, Miff

Mondell, Johnny

Mondello, Toots

Monk, Thelonus

Monroe, Vaughn

Monte, Lou

Monte, PeeWee

Monte, Vinny

Montgomery, Marion


Moody, James

Mooney, Art Band

Mooney, Mikki Lee

Moonglows, The

Moore, Brew

Moore, Fred

Moore, Gary

Moore, Mary

Moore, Rosemary

Moore, Russell

Moorehouse, Chauncey

Morales, Noro

Morgan, J.P.

Morgan, Jane

Morgan, Lee

Morgan, Russ

Morrello, Joe

Morris, Buddy

Morris, Carle & Mrs.

Morrison, Van

Morrow, Buddy

Morse, Ella Mae

Morten, Freddy Orchestra

Morton, Benny

Morton, Jelly Roll

Mosca, Sol

Moscouri, Nana

Moser, Irvin

Most, Abe

Most, Mickie

Most, Sam

Mothers, Sons

Mothers, The

Motion Pictures / Movie Stars

Mound City Blowers

Mountain Gap, The

Mozian, Roger King


Mulligan, Gerry

Muni, Scott

Muranyi, Joe

Murphy, Rose

Murray The K

Murray, Arthur & Catherine

Murray, Jan

Murray, Ruby

Museum of Modern Art

Music Explosion

Music Man, The

Music Men

Music Show, Country

Musso, Vido


Myers, Pete

Myerson, Bess

Myerson, Harry

Myerson, Mark


Nance, Ray

Napolean, Josephine  Sister of Teddy Napolean

Napolean, Mary

Napolean, Phhil

Napolean, Teddy George

Nash, (Dick) Richard T.

Nash, Johnny

Nassiter, Mr.

Nathan, Sid

Navarro, (Fats) Theodore

NBC Staff

Neighbors, Paul

Neil, Mr.

Nelson, Gene

Nelson, Hank

Nelson, N.Y.

Nelson, Ozzie

Nepper, Johnny

Neptune Bowling Alley

Nevins, Al

Nevins, Marty

Nevins, The

New Orleans Funeral Parade

New York City

Newborn, Phineas

Newcomb, Don

Newhart, Bob

Newman, Joseph D.

Newport Jazz Festival

Newton, Larry

Newton, Wayne

Niel, Fred

Nimoy, Leonard

Nitty Gritty Dirt Band

Noel, Dick

North, Alex

Northern, John

Norvo, (Red) Kenneth

Norvo, Red (featured with B.G. Band)


O’Brien, Joel

O’Brien, Kenny

O’Connell, Helen

O’Culy, George

O’Day, Anita

O’Days, The

O’Farrill, Chico

Ochs, Phil

Oday, Anita


Ogerman, Klause

Ohlman, Abe

Okun, Henry


Oliver Sy

Oliver, Phil

Oliver, Sy


Olsen, George

Olyphant, Grassila

Orbison, Roy

Orchard, Frank

Orlando, Tony

Ortel, Tommy

Osborne, Mary

Ostrow, Phoebe

Otis, Clyde

Otis, Johnny

Ovens, Don

Owens, Buck

Owens, George


Padget, Jim

Page, Lips (Hot Lips)

Page, Milton

Page, Patty

Page, Ray

Page, Walter

Paladino, Don

Palitz, Morty

Palmer, Jack

Palmer, Jimmy

Palmieri, Eddie

Pan Am Building


Pancho Orchestra

Papa, Tony


Paramount Theatre

Parenti, Tony

Paris, Jackie

Parker, Charles

Parkorf, Mr.

Parks, Bert

Parkway Cameo

Parkway Signs

Paroma, Norri

Parrish, Mitchell

Pastor, Tony

Pate, Johnny

Patiences & Prudence

Paul, Les

Paul, Les & Mary Ford

Paxton, Band Leader

Paxton, George

Payne, Cecil

Payne, Freida

Payne, Johnny

Payne, Sonny

Pearce, Nat

Pearlstein, Alan

Peck, Gregory

Peepers, Lee

Pemberton, Bill

Penguins, The

Pentagles, The

Pepper, Art

Pepsi Cola Golf Tournament

Perez, Louis

Perio Brothers

Perkins, Bill

Perry, Charles

Perry, Jack

Persip, Charles

Persuaders, The

Peter & Gordon

Pettiford, Oscar

Philips, Stu

Phillips, Esther (Little Esther)

Phillips, Flip

Phillips, Teddy

Phyfe, Eddie

Piano Players – Jazz Giants

Piano Roll Blues

Pickett, Wilson

Pickwick Travel


Pinza, Enzio

Pitney, Gene

Pizza, Nilla

Pizzerell, Bucky

Platters, The


Pleshet, Gene

Pleshette, Suzanne

Plies, Jack

Plumby, Don

Pohlman, Ray

Polk, Gordon & Lucy

Poll Ruth

Pollard, Terry

Pompoff, Teddy

Ponds, Lilly


Ponos, doe

Popcorn Richard

Popsi – Advertisement

Porgie, Al

Porter, Tommy

Poster, Allan

Poston, Tom

Potter, Tommy

Powell, Bud

Powell, Dick

Powell, Mel

Powell, Seldon

Powell, Specs

Powell, Ted

Prado, Perez

Pratt, Bobby

Presley, Elvie

Presnell, Harve

Preston, Bob (Robert)

Preston, Kathy

Price, George

Price, Lloyd

Price, Mel

Prima, Louie

Prine, B&B

Pritchard Billy

Privin, Bernie

Professional Camera Repair

Professional Children School

Project 3

Prysock, Red

Publiicists Guild of NY

Puente, Tito – Orchestra

Pulley, B.S.

Purcino, Al

Purtil, Moe


Queener, Charles

Question Mark, The

Quill, Gene

Quinn, Davis

Quinn, Freddy


Raborsky, Ustrar

Rackmiller, Milt

Radcliff, Jimmy

Radio Station

Raeburn, Boyd

Rael, Jack

Ragin, Jerry

Ragolo, Pete

Rainey, Jimmy

Raing, Al

Rambeau, Eddie

Randall, Bill

Randall, Tony

Randazzo, Teddy

Randolph, Boots

Rascals, The

Raualto, Marty

Rauge & Hall


Ravin, Sy

Rawls, Lou


Ray, Johnny

Rayburn, Gene

Raye, Martha


Record World Officials

Red, Freddy

Redd, Gene

Reed Sisters

Reed, Tommy

Reedman, French

Reese, Della

Rende, Matt

Rene, Leon

Rennie, Mary Lou

Reno, Bob

Reser, Harry

Reudeluch, Dick

Revers, Paul & The Raiders

Reyes, Emmilio

Reynolds, Debbie

Reynolds, Tommy

Reynolds, Tommy Band

Rhodes, George

Ricci, Paul

Riceman, Joe

Rich, Buddy

Richard Hayman Band

Richards, Harmonica

Richards, John

Richards, Johnny

Richards, Torley

Richards, Trudy

Richards, Turky

Richardson, Angie

Richardson, Jerome

Richi, Paul

Richman, Boomie

Richmond Music

Richmond, Howard

Richner, Mickey

Rickles, Don

Ricks, Jimmy & Top Notes

Riddle, Nelson

Rieg, Teddy

Riesman, J.

Riesman, Joe

Riggs, Joe

Righteous Brothers

Riley, Mike

Rinch, Max

Ritchie, Carl

River, Walter

Rivera, Hector

Rivers, Joan

Rivers, Johnny

RKA Palace Stage Act

RKO Palace

Roach, Max

Robbins, Buddy

Robbins, Fred

Robbins, Tina

Robert, c/o Pancho

Robert, Nicky

Roberts, Lynn

Robinson, Bill

Robinson, Jackie

RobinsonSugar Ray

Rock & Roll

Rock Advertising

Rock, Monty

Rockefeller, David

Rockefeller, Nelson

Rockwell, Tom

Rodgers, Jimmy

Rodgers, Richard

Rodney, Don Bank

Rodney, Jimmy

Rodney, Red

Rodriguez, Tito

Rodriguez, Willie

Rodriquez, Tito  with Sammy Davis

Roe, Tommy

Rogelo, Pete

Rogers, Buddy

Rogers, Jimmy

Rogers, Kenny

Rogers, Pete

Rogers, Shorty

Rogers, Shorty

Roland, Gilbert

Rolini, Adriana

Rollini, Artie & Adrian

Rollins, Freddy

Romanis, George

Rongo, Tony

Ronnettes, The

Ronnie & the Daytones

Rood, Hale

Rooney, Pat, Sr.

Rosa, Jerry

Rose, David


Rosell, Jimmy & Marva Josie

Roselli, Jimmy

Rosen, Doc

Rosenberg, Herman

Rosengarden, Bobby

Ross, Ann

Ross, Barney

Ross, Hank

Ross, Lanny

Roulette Records

Roxy Theatre

Royal Teens

Royal, Marshall

Rubert, Mr.

Rubin, Don

Rubin, Stan

Rudy, Ernie Band

Rushing, Jimmy

Russ, Allen

Russell, Andy

Russell, Charles

Russell, Curly

Russell, Jane

Russell, Nipsy

Russell, Pee Wee

Russell, Rosalind

Ruterford, Rudy

Rvisdael, Jacob

Ryan, Cathy

Ryan, Jimmy

Ryan, Johnny

Ryan, Tommy Orchestra

Rydell Bobby

Ryerson, Art


Sachs, Manny

Sacks, Aaron

Sadaleia, Johnny

Safer, Buddy

Safranski, Ed

Sahl, Mort

Sales, Soupy

Salvado, Pete

Salvador, Sal

Salvidor, Henry

Sam & Dave

Sam the Sham

Samuel, Jerry

Sanctuary Party

Sande, Robert

Sandler & Young


Sands, Mr. B.

Sands, Tommy

Sanfino, Gerry

Santamaria, Mongo

Santley, Harry

Saracco, Frank

Saunder, Jimmy

Sauter, Eddie

Saville, David

Savitt, Jan

Savoy Three

Sax, Ray

Saxman, Marty

Scafedi, Sam

Scharry, Lloyd Mr. and Mrs.


Schlame, Martha


Schuster, Wally

Scobby, Bob

Scott, Bobby

Scott, Buddy

Scott, Dave

Scott, Hazel

Scott, Jack

Scott, Ray

Scott, Shirley

Scott, Tony

Scott, Zachary

Sears, Al

Sears, Walter

Sebastion, John

Sebesky, Don

Sedake, Neil

Segor, Bob

Selden, Jeff


Selvin, Ben

Sense & Nonsense

Seulizi, Ed

Severson, Doc

Shad, Bob

Shadkow, Man (Shadow)

Shaggy Dogs, The

Shanm, Sam The


Shank, Bud

Shankar, Ravi

Shannon, Del

Shannon, Pat

Shannon, Sister


Sharp, Dee Dee

Shauneghsy & his Q.T. Mutes

Shaunessey, Ed

Shaver, Charles

Shaw, Arnold

Shaw, Artie

Shaw, Billy

Shaw, Cruel

Shaw, Mr.

Shaw, Stan

Shaw, Wet

Shawn, Dick

Shearing, George

Sheay:  see Crosby, Phil

Sheen, Mickey

Sheldon, Herb

Sherman, Bobby

Sheroch, Shorty

Shertzer, Hymie

Sherwood, Bobby

Shields, Roy

Shirells, The

Shirley, Charles

Sholes, Steve


Shondells, The (Tommy James &)

Shores, Toots

Shroeder Gene

Shub, Eddie

Shulman, Moe

Siegel, Bill

Sieger, Jerry (Doc)

Signorelli, Frank

Silver, Ed

Silver, Horace

Silvers, Phil

Simmons, John

Simms, Zoot

Simms. Emmanuel “Foots”

Simon, George

Simon, Jerry

Simon, Paul

Sims, Ray

Sinatra, Frank

Sinatra, Frank, Jr.

Singers, Wally

Singleton, Charley

Sissle, Noble

Skuers, Chubby

Slasser, Don

Sledge, Percy

Small, Tommy

Smith, Billy

Smith, Buddy

Smith, Charlie

Smith, Ethel

Smith, Jimmy

Smith, John

Smith, Johnny

Smith, Kate

Smith, Paul

Smith, Stuffy

Smith, Willie (The  Lion)

Smokey Robinson & The Miracles

Smothers Brothers

Snow, Hank

Snyer, Alex

Snyers, (Benny) Band

Solek, Walt Band

Solomon, Red

Solomson, Shorty

Somers, Teddy

Songwriters Hall of Fame

Sonny & Cher

Sorkin Musical

Sorolow, Frank

Southern, Jerri

Spair, Tony

Span, Al

Spatz, Gene

Spatz, Jack

Spector, Phil

Speedler, Luther Hammond

Spellman, Cardinal

Spencer, Robert

Spieler Barney

Spike Drivers, The

Spinner, Muggsy

Spitainy, Phil

Spivak, Charlie

Spookytooth, The

Spots, Ink The

Springfield, Dusty

St. John & Tanna

St. Nicks

St. Patrick’s Parade

St. Peter, Crispien

Stabile, Dick

Stacey, Jess

Staff, Sam

Stafford, Bill

Stafford, Jo

Stairsteps, Five

Stang, Arnold

Stanley, Irv

Star, Dot

Starr, Kay

Staton, Dakota


Steele, Ted

Stegmier, Bill

Stein, Louie

Steinberg, William

Steinmetz, Eric


Stern, Bill

Stevens, April

Stevens, Norm

Stevens, Roy

Stewart, Al

Stewart, Herbie

Stewart, Jimmy

Stewart, John

Stewart, Mike

Stewart, Ralph

Stewart, Rex

Stewart, Sandy

Stewart, Slam

Stewart, Teddy

Stienberg, Wally

Stiller & Meara

Stitt, Sonny

Stokowski, Leopold

Stoller, Alvin

Stone, Charlie

Stone, Harvey

Stone, Sly

Stooges, Three

Stordahl, Axel

Stork Club

Storm, Gale

Stoute, Stan

Straeter, Ted


Strangeloves, The

Strattis, George

Stratton, Don

Strauss, Bob

Stravinksy, Igor

Strawberry Alarm Clock, The

Street Scenes (NY)

Streisand, Barbra

Strippers & Singers

Stuarti, Enzo

Stumpy & Stumpy

Styne, Jules

Suares, Buddy

Sudy, Joseph Orchestra

Sullivan, Ed

Sullivan, Maxine

Suns, The Three

Supremes, The

Sutch, Lord

Sutra, Kama

Sutton, Ralph

Svenson, Rienbold

Swope, Earl & Bobby

Syker, Willie

Sylvane, Lee

Symphony, Side

Syms, Sylvia


Tacher, Art

Takvorian, Tak

Talmadee, Art

Tannenbaum, Wolfie


Tate, Grady  / Tonight Show

Tatum Trio

Tatum, Art

Taylor Maids

Taylor, Art

Taylor, Billy (See Grammy’s 1973)

Taylor, Chip

Taylor, Creed

Taylor, Elizabeth

Taylor, Lynn

Taylor, Sam (The Man)

Tayne, Wolfie

Teagarden, Jack


Teenagers, The


Templeton, Alec


Ten Wheel Drive


Ten Years After


Terrace, Peter


Terrel, Harry


Terry, Clark


Terry, Dan


Tevart, Keith


Tex and the Chex


The Happenings


The Highwaymen


The Hollies


The Invictus


The New Vaudeville Band


The Righteous Brothers


The Rolling Stones


The Ronnettes


The Royalettes


The Velvet


The Vogues


Theelman, Toots (with Cary Grant)


Thiel, Bob


Thielman, Toots


Thigpen, Ed


Thomas, Al (with Frank Sinatra)


Thomas, B.J.


Thomas, Carla (Atlantic Records)


Thomas, Danny


Thomas, Jeanie


Thomas, Marvin


Thomas, Pat


Thomas, Walker “Foots”


Thompkins, Ross


Thompson, Eddie


Thompson, Hank


Thompson, Johnny


Thompson, Lucky


Thompson, Ray


Thornhill, Claude


Thorpe, Sister Rosette


Three Deuces, The


Three Rays


Thunder Bay


Tillitson, Johnny


Tillman, John


Tip, Tap & Toe


Tobias, Charles


Todd, Art & Dottie


Todd, Mike


Tokens, The


Tolley, Joan


Tone, Eddie


Tong Brothers


Top NOtes


Torme, Mel


Tormey, Tim




Tough, Dave


Tourell, Jennie


Touzet, Rene


Towne, George


Townsend, Ed


Trader, Cal




Travis, Al


Travis, Nick


Treacher, Arthur


Tremet Charles


Trenatics Band


Tripp, Peter


Tristano, Len


Trothon, Lloyd


Trottman, Lloyd


Troupe, Warren


Troute, Mr.


Truman, Maggie


Tucker, Bob


Tucker, Orin


Tucker, Sophie


Tucker, Tommy


Tull, Jethro


Tunatics, The


Turner, Big Joe


Tyler, Jimmy


Ulano, Sam


Uni Records


United Artists Party


Urban Coalition League


Ustinov, Peter


Utal, Larry


V. Sassy






Vale, Frankie


Valenti, Caterina


Valino, Joe


Valle, Rudy


Valli, Gus


Vallie, Frankie


Van Vorin, Monique


Van, Ida


Vance, Joel


Vance, Paul


Vannuchi, Antonelli


Vargas, Sammy


Vaughn, Billy


Vaughn, Sarah


Vee, Bobby


Ventura, Charles


Ventura, Charlie and Band


Venuti, Joe


VerPlank, Billy


Victor, Ekstein


Vincent, Eddie


Vincent, Jimmy


Volpe, Harry


VonEpps, George


Vunk, Lyman


Wade, Adam


Wagner, Francis


Wagner, Gary


Wainright, Lowden


Wakefield, Paul & Mrs.


Wald, Gorry


Wald, Jerry


Wald, Jerry Orchestra


Walker, Jack


Walker, James J.


Walker, Jo


Walker, Jr. & The All Stars


Waller, Fats




Ward, Billy & The Dominoes


Ward, Newton & Helen


Waring, Fred


Warner, Jack


Warren, Earl


Warren, Fran


Warren, Jack


Warren, Rusty


Warrington, Johnny


Warwick Carl


Warwick Dionne


Washington, Dinah


Washington, Ned


Wassermon, Eddie


Waters, Benny


Waters, Ethel


Watkins, Ralph


Watson, Sallyann


Wayman, Bullets


Wayne, Chuck


Wayne, David


Wayne, Francis


Wayne, Fred


Wayne, John


Weavers, The


Webbman, Hal


Weber, Dick


Webster, Ben


Webster, Jim


Weed, Buddy


Weeks, Art


Weems, Ted


Wein, George


Weinstein, Harry


Weiss, Sam


Weiss, Sid


Weiss, Ted


Welk, Lawrence


Wellington, George


Wells, Dick


Wells, Frank


Wells, Mary


Welsh, Winton


Wess, Richard


West, Mae


West, Willie


Weston, Paul


Wettling, George


Wetzell, Ray


Wexler, E.


Wexler, Jerry


WFIL Philadelphia


Wheeler, Bert


White, Hy


White, Josh


White, Mrs. H.N.


White, Paul


White, Tom


Whiteglow, Reed


Whiteman Band


Whiteman, Paul


Whiting, Maggie


Whiting, Richard (Dick)


Whitney, Pat


Whity, Maggie


Wholley, Dennis


Wicker, Irene


Wiere Brothers


Wiess, Ted


Whiting, Maggie


Wilbur, Bob


Wilcox, Eddie


Wilcox, Tony


Wilder, Joe


Wiley, Lee


Wilkins, Ernie


Williams Brothers


Williams, Bill


Williams, Bob


Williams, Buddy


Williams, Cookie


Williams, Cootie


Williams, Danny


Williams, Esther


Williams, Gene


Williams, George


Williams, Harold “Chink”


Williams, Jean


Williams, Joe


Williams, Larry


Williams, Louie


Williams, Mal


Williams, Mary Lou


Williams, Mason


Williams, Mason


Williams, Rick


Williams, Roger


Williams, Tony

   (see Songwriters Awards)

Wilson, Billy


Wilson, Flip


Wilson, Jackie


Wilson, John


Wilson, Julie


Wilson, Marty


Wilson, Nancy


Wilson, Shadow


Wilson, Teddy


Wilson, Tom


Winchell, Paul


Winding, Kai


Winter Sisters


Winterhalter, Hugo


Winters, Jerry


Wise, Buddy (Irving)


Wisner, Jimmy


Wissmer, Jimmy


Wisswell, Andy


Witherspoon, John




Wolf, Danny


Wolf, L.


Wolpin, Eddie


Wonder, Stevie


Wonderful Town


Wood, Randy


Woodlew, Roberts


Woods, Chris


Woods, Phil


Woodyard, Sam


World’s Fair


Worth, Edward


Wright, Herman


Wright, Specs




Wyans, Richie


Yager, Sol


Yankee Stadium – exterior


Yellow Pages, The




Young & Sandler

 (Sandler & Young )


Young Savages


Young, Jimmy (Trummy)


Young, Lester


Young, Marshall


Young, Snooky


Youngman, Henny


Younouns, Vincent


Yournours, Vincent


Zabach, Florian


Zabley, Herb


Zandy, Eddie


Zappa, Frank


Zattola (Musical mouthpieces)


Zentner, Sy


Zeppellin, Led




Zuckerman, Muriel


Zurke, Bob



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